Education and Protection

Through education, PICA aims to protect property investors from any extreme and unfair market interventions, as well as reduce further investment risks by helping eliminate any misleading advice in relation to any potentially risky or speculative investments.


PICA has set a long term goal to build a large and strong membership base of over 1 million members.  With this size and scale, property investors will have an important voice and seat at the negotiating table, to ensure we deliver on our 5 point charter for our members and all property investors.

Through the membership funds we raise, we plan to:

  • undertake detailed research supporting our position against current negative media and community perception
  • challenge and lobby against current poorly thought through policy, legislation or proposed legislation from all sides of politics
  • develop educational material to help investors better understand the risks and rewards of property investing
  • help advocate for professional property investment advice to be regulated, in the same way shares and other investment asset classes are regulated

Why I Invest: I invest in property as I want to provide for my children in the future and I realise that the aged pension won't provide me with the lifestyle I want in my retirement. Therefore I'm prepared to invest my money now into property to reap the rewards later on.

DR. LAUREN BUGEJA Veterinary Surgeon



Given PICA has been established as a non-commercial, not-for-profit organisation run for the benefit of property investors. We will ensure there is no direct commercial penetration of the member database.

Our board and its members will set the rules as to how business and industry will be able to communicate with our members without compromising our independent and united voice for property investors across Australia.



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