Through education, PICA aims to protect property investors from any extreme and unfair market interventions, as well as reduce further investment risks by helping eliminate any misleading advice in relation to any potentially risky or speculative investments.

Why are we doing this?

We want to help investors. We want to make sure they are aware of the risks and reward of investing in property. And on top of that, we want to be able to have solid proof and research on the positive impacts property investors have on the Australian Economy.

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PICA will highlight the economic and social benefits of
property investment to all levels of government and the media by commissioning
independent research and by contributing to enquiries and forums that impact
property investors.

Property investors have and continue to contribute significantly to tax revenues, job creation, property and rental accommodation supply and affordability, self-funding retirement, and overall social and economic growth for Australia.  

However recently we are seeing property investors being somewhat singled out on a couple of fronts:

- The main cause for housing in-affordability
- Potential higher revenue (Tax) grabs by government
- Higher lending costs, when risk weighting assessments don’t justify such pricing variances.  

With these and other potential challenges, property investors need a strong and united voice.

PICA will advocate property investors’ interests in the areas of macro-prudential market regulations, tax, planning, training, and education.

What is PICA?

PICA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to advocating and lobbying on behalf of property investors’ interest and educating its members on the economic benefits and risks of property investing in Australia.

Should I join?

Yes. Without a doubt. Whether you have 1 property in your portfolio or own 100 or more properties, you’ll be adding your voice to powerfully advocate against “severe” regulations to protect your investment.

How is PICA different?

PICA is purely a not for profit organisation made up of property investors and advocating for property investors. As such, members will not be subjected to commercial or other forms of for-profit marketing endeavours by other members or otherwise.

What types of memberships are available?

There are two types of memberships:

  • Individual, which extends to family members as well.
  • Associate members, businesses operating in the property industry.
What are my rights and privileges as a member?

As a member, you can vote at any general meeting and are entitled to 1 vote as an individual. Associate members are not entitled to vote.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, you can resign as a member by written notice anytime.



Thank you for joining PICA!

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