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PICA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to advocating and lobbying on behalf of property investors’ interest and educating its members on the economic benefits and risks of property investing in Australia.

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Dr. Lauren Bugeja
Veterinary Surgeon

Why I Invest: I want to provide for my children in the future and I realise that the aged pension won't provide me with the lifestyle I want in my retirement. Therefore I'm prepared to invest my money now into property to reap the rewards later on.

David Robertson
Associate Property Advisor

Why I Invest: I want to have a confortable retirement with my partner when the time comes and we believe property is the way to go.

Terence Lo
Graduate Engineer

Why I Invest: I'm risk adverse and I think property is an investment class with reasonably low risk and yet, has great returns. That's why I invest in property.

Louise Pilkington
Communications Consultant

Why I Invest: I love the financial freedom property brings. It'll bring opportunities to both my husband and I, our children and any future grandchildren.

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Why I Invest: We'd love to feature more investors here. Why property and what's your end game. Become a member and share your voice!


The Property Investors Council of Australia (PICA) is a newly formed association set up to provide a single voice for the 2 million plus property investors in Australia.  

It is a pure not-for-profit association, run by property investors, for the interests of property investors. PICA aims to advocate on behalf of property investors to government, industry, and consumers.


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