It’s time to unite and make our voices heard. It’s time we take action to ensure our property investments are protected now and into the future.

PICA will develop and advocate policies recognising the critical capital investment property investors have undertaken in Australia and the important role property investors play to all Australians and in the economy.

PICA will highlight the economic and social benefits of property investment to all levels of government and the media by commissioning independent research and by contributing to enquiries and forums that impact property investors.

PICA will advocate property investors’ interests in the areas of macro-prudential market regulations, tax, planning, training, and education.

As a not-for-profit organisation for property investors, by property investors, PICA will play an active role in understanding the needs of the property investors' community. PICA will engage with the Government, regulators and the community to ensure property investors receive appropriate representation in matters which directly or indirectly impact them. 

We want to have an open, friendly and productive conversation with the Government, industry and businesses to ensure property investors’ consumer rights are protected and free from dishonest, deceptive and misleading conduct in light of the industry being unregulated.




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